Working with yoga instructor, wellbeing expert and former cancer patient Dani Binnington aka Healthy Whole Me and instructor Joelle Rainford, we run yoga courses and host a 7 day yoga programme on our YouTube channel. Through both of these different approaches to yoga, we help our community find yoga that fits into their lives and helps them reconnect to their bodies after cancer and/or its treatments may have left them feeling disconnected from it.

From vinyasa to yin, hatha to ashtanga, we've got something to suit every level and with Dani and Joelle on the team, every ability is taken care of. Dani's personal experience of cancer brings an extra level of TLC to the table too and with her live on the call, she's able to recommend adjustments for everyone's needs. Who needs Yoga With Adrienne when you've got these legends on board? (No offence to Adrienne, we love her too, obvs).

According to the Clinical Oncology Society of Australia, exercise should be embedded into every part of the cancer pathway, because it helps with sleep, quality of life, activity levels, fatigue, mental health and the recurrence of some types of cancer as well as helping with some treatment side effects and lessening symptoms. And 62% of our community want help getting active. But some physical activity can feel overwhelming. Yoga can be a more gentle way to bring exercise into your life after a cancer diagnosis, while helping those diagnosed reconnect to their bodies in a mindful way.

To find out when our next Yoga course is starting, click here - and in the mean time, why not try out our YouTube Yoga series?