Get ready to blow out the candles and grab your hiking boots because Trekstock is hitting the big 1-5! We want you and the whole gang - friends, family, teammates - to join a one-of-a-kind trek through London's Royal Parks in July 2024. 

Registration fee: £35
Minimum sponsorship target: £250
The Details
  • Embark on an epic journey across the city, crossing 6 Royal Parks with our team by your side, cheering on your every step! 📣
  • Sign up to trek 10 or 20 miles. *the 10 milers will start 10 miles in (time and location tbc) and end the trek with everyone trekking the full distance 🥇 
  • Trek with celebrity and influencer Team Captains 🕶️ 🎤 
  • Promote a brilliant team-building, motivating and inspiring active challenge 🙌
  • End the trek at Borough Yards by London’s famous Borough Market with a medal and a glass of something fizzy 🎉 
  • We’ll supply the training plans, maps, snacks and good vibes 🧢 
"I don’t think many of us who’ve been fortunate enough not to experience cancer first hand can imagine the mental toll it takes, as well as the physical. It must be incomprehensible at times. I have friends who’ve talked about how hard it was for them to adapt, to feel like themselves again, to want to get back to ‘normality’; a charity who help people get back on their feet when they’re at such a low ebb is so incredibly important so I’d love nothing more than to support however I can. We're excited to join Trek This City" Greg Rutherford 

"I loved being a part of Trekstock's Trek This City! I've seen firsthand the amazing support Trekstock gives people who get a cancer diagnosis in their 20s or 30s. They help them build their confidence back up, get them moving and makes sure they don't have to face the whole thing alone. They make such a difference." Gemma Styles, podcaster, designer and friend of Trekstock