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Diagnosed with a brain tumour at 18, Sadruz wasn’t able to finish studying his A-Levels. He's never let himself be held back again.


I was diagnosed with a cancerous tumour in my brain, in the pineal gland which is the centre of the brain at the age of 18. This was at the time of my A-level exams which meant I could not resume my studies. Ever since then, I have not allowed myself to be held back again. Hence why I have become the man I always wanted to be. I have been making great progression in the academic fields as well as the working fields, I would say I am currently in the best point in my life.

Since the pandemic started and the lockdown rules came into place, I have had to learn how to adapt to the new way of life. This has been an interesting way of living, as difficult as it was at first, I can now manage it all well and have used this time to help increase my skills in the necessary fields in order to make myself well rounded.

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