We know that our support continues to make a difference

We're a small charity and we receive no government funding, so our work is only made possible by your incredible support. We couldn't do it without you and we want you to know that we're making every penny count.

34 young adults are diagnosed every day in the UK, we are dedicated to providing them with the tools they need to get moving physically, socially and psychologically when cancer stops them in their tracks. 

A snapshot of some of the programmes that have only been made possible, thanks to your support. 


We’ve been running an evaluation of the RENEW programme to help us understand more about the benefit is has upon the health and quality of life of young adults with cancer. We are in the process of crunching the data but in the meantime, we'd love to share some feedback from past RENEW participants:

The RENEW programme helped my fitness levels but also overall confidence as well. I see myself much less as a vulnerable, sick, cancer patient now. I don’t present myself in that way now and I don’t feel the need to almost explain to people why I can’t walk the stairs up to my office at work, I need to take the lift. I don’t need to think about that anymore because I can just do things without worrying. So it’s definitely helped the way that I present myself to others as well.

‘... I guess I felt a bit vulnerable. I didn’t know what my body could do anymore. So I think she (My RENEW trainer) was good; she was really mindful of that and she told me things that I could do at home to help in between. And I think actually having those sessions booked in with her it was really good because I knew that I had to have achieved something by the time I saw her next time…’

‘I found it really, really good and the way it’s been structured with those regular catchups, it has helped me maintain what I’ve been doing.’

Meet & Move

At each Meet & Move event, we asked young adults to complete a short questionnaire at the beginning and at the end of the day to help us get a better understanding of how Meet & Move helps young adults with cancer. We found that most young adults come along to Meet & Move events to meet others like them, that at the beginning of the day many young adults are nervous about what to expect and that most didn’t know what exercise they could do or where to find more information about being active.

When we ask young adults with cancer to report back on their experience of the day they say Meet & Move helped them understand they are not alone in facing troubles post-cancer and that they feel inspired and more confident to exercise. 45% of young adults who come along to a Meet & Move event go on to sign up to the RENEW programme. Here is some feedback from young adults who have come along to Meet & Move events in the past:

It was really nice to meet people who have been through the same journey I'm currently starting. Talking to them has helped me understand the different ways they have handled each bit and has really made a big difference to the way I'm looking at it. Without the Meet & Move, I don't think I'd be able to cope as much as I am doing now and I look forward to more events in Manchester with Trekstock. Overall I loved the day and found it quite liberating being in that environment with fellow cancer sufferers.

'The coaching changed my perspective from looking back to looking forward and the exercise gave me information on what I can do with a picc line in.'

'I felt alone and hadn’t met anyone my age going through cancer. The event was so friendly and loved how as I came on my own I was always talking to someone. I really enjoyed the day and can’t think of any improvements it was so well organised.'

'I loved the Meet & Move, such a good event that gave me the confidence to get back outside running as I’d only been in the gym on a treadmill since surgery as I was a bit apprehensive but the personal trainer said I would be fine just taking it easy so that’s what I’ve done!'

'It was everything I expected it to be and more! <3 I met up with so many girls that I have been talking to online for months and to be in a place where there is no judgement and everyone just gets it was an unbelievably calming experience.'

Meet & Move for Men

We noticed that not many men were coming along to our usual Meet & Move events. To help us understand why we held a workshop this April. We asked guys to tell us more about what they want and what could be done to help young men with cancer connect with one another. The guys that attended told us that it can sometimes feel daunting to meet other young people with cancer and that they often feel worried talking about their cancer experience for the first time.

We listened to this feedback and felt something needed to be done so in July this year we held a Meet & Move event especially for men. It was a brilliant event with guys chatting and opening up about the issues that were specific to them. There was the opportunity to take part in exercise led by L4 cancer rehab trainers who deliver the RENEW programme, coaching sessions on how to move forward from cancer,  and group discussions about what it’s like to be a young man with cancer. Here’s how the guys who attended described the event:

Well organised. Good content. Great location. (Age 39, Brain Tumour)
Fun. Relaxed. Reassuring. (Age 38, Brain Tumour)
Inspiring. Eye-opening. Special. (Age 25, Testicular Cancer)
Inspiring. Empowering. Engaging. (Age 25, Testicular Cancer)
Meeting. Sharing. Less lonely. (Age 33, Glioma)
Relaxed. Bonding. Genuine. (Age 26, Osteosarcoma)
Helpful. Relaxing. Peace of mind. (Age 34, Testicular Cancer)

We listen to value your feedback and shape the events and programmes we run based on your suggestions. We couldn’t do this without your input. If you have ideas, questions or feedback - feel free to get in touch [email protected]