What cancer were you diagnosed with?

Breast Cancer

What age were you diagnosed?


What has helped you to thrive?

Without a doubt it’s been my friends and family. I’m so incredibly lucky that I have an amazing support network. I’m feeling very spoilt at the moment. 

Rachel's Story

I’ve always been an extremely positive person. And this hasn’t changed since my diagnosis. I feel this isn’t a new journey that’s made to test me. Both my parents had cancer at a young age. And strangely none of our cancers are linked. It’s pure bad luck. I therefore feel my life has been surrounded by cancer from a young age. As a result, I decided to go and work for the charity Willow to help other people bring some light into a very dark time. Bring on this new challenge and let’s kick cancers ass.

You can read more of Rachel's story on Instagram @rachknowsbreast