Secondary Sisters has partnered with Trekstock! Together, we can provide the best possible support for young adults living with secondary cancer in the UK. Together, we can help unite them to find their confidence and be equipped with the tools to live even better with cancer. Together, Secondary Sisters and Trekstock can help more young adults get moving again with cancer and address more of the key issues they face. The synergy between Secondary Sisters and Trekstock is clearly evident and we are excited about having Laura and Nicky on board to share their experiences and to help grow Trekstock’s service delivery for young adults living with secondary cancer.


Being diagnosed with incurable secondary cancer can be a dark and frightening time. Secondary Sisters are here to create a safe place to connect with other Secondary Sisters, to give an insight into what it's like to live with the disease, and share everything we know about learning to live with cancer.


We believe there is a lack of support and understanding around secondary cancers. Most people think when someone is diagnosed with cancer they will go through treatment and 'beat' the disease. This isn't the case for all of us. Lack of education and awareness of secondaries means being diagnosed can be very lonely. We want to change that: no one should face cancer alone. We want people to see what it's like to live with cancer and that, even though our futures are uncertain, we can live and live very well. 

"We will be working alongside the wonderful charity Trekstock who are helping us to organise events that will be coming soon. These events will range from social events to pamper nights and active events. All ideas are welcome! We're better together. " Laura and Nicky, Secondary Sisters


Secondary Sisters was set up by Laura & Nicky, two girls both diagnosed with secondary breast cancer at the age of 30, both wanting children and now unable to fulfill that dream, both gym nutters & both determined to live life to the absolute max!


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