Olympic Gold Medalist Greg Rutherford is set to join #TeamTrekstock as a Trek This City team captain. Having experienced a testicular cancer scare during lockdown, Greg and his wife Susie Verrill will be taking to the streets in July alongside members of our cancer community to make sure no young person has to face cancer alone.

The London 2012 gold medalist opened up about his cancer scare back in 2020 and urged anyone with concerns to get themselves checked. Having found a lump in his testicle, Greg put off seeking medical advice. He created distractions to help ignore his unusual symptoms and attempted to 'overpower the unknown' using his physical strength. After speaking to a friend who had been through cancer, he sought a check-up from and received the all clear, but in a lengthy Instagram post he encouraged people to get into the habit of getting to know their bodies.

Now, Greg and Susie are heading up their own team for Trek this City. He said:

"I don’t think many of us who’ve been fortunate enough not to experience cancer first hand can imagine the mental toll it takes, as well as the physical. It must be incomprehensible at times. I have friends who’ve talked about how hard it was for them to adapt, to feel like themselves again, to want to get back to ‘normality’; a charity who help people get back on their feet when they’re at such a low ebb is so incredibly important so I’d love nothing more than to support however I can. We're excited to join Trek This City".

Greg's call for awareness about testicular cancer is more important than ever this Testicular Cancer Awareness month. According to the NHS, around 2,300 men are diagnosed with testicular cancer each year in the UK. It makes up one per cent of all cancers that occur in men, but while relatively uncommon overall, testicular cancer is the most common type of cancer to affect men between the ages of 15 and 49.

We asked Greg and Suzie about some trek essentials...

Q. What will you be listening to?

Suzie: Tom Misch, 90’s club classics and Miley Cyrus.

Q. What snacks will you be packing in your backpack?

Greg: Love Corn! Oh my goodness it’s the best snack. I’d say they’re healthy but once you’ve eaten four bags in one setting I think that statement applies less.

Q. What's the one thing you can't trek without?

Suzie: I hate to be that person but, my phone. I can get snap happy for some lovely memories, play some tunes, check my route, see my step count, text my mum, locate the nearest doughnut shop, share our JustGiving page to get more donations for Trekstock. It’s just useful for everything isnt it?

Want to be on Team Greg & Suzie for Trek This City? Join us on 6th July

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