Today, in the UK, 34 young adults in their 20s and 30s will hear the words "you have cancer". You may even have had to say that to someone yourself. It's never easy but Trekstock is here to help. 


Trekstock is the UK's only charity that specifically supports young adults in their 20s and 30s living with, through, and beyond cancer. They can find themselves too old for TYA services which stop at 25, but much younger than most of the other patients on their general ward. It can be a very isolating experience. We support our community of young adults through social and practical programmes that aim to unite them with other young adults, inform them so they can navigate the challenges that a cancer diagnosis brings, and equip them to thrive by equipping them with tools to live well with and beyond cancer. 

85% of young adults in our community wish they'd found out about Trekstock's services earlier in their cancer journey.
That's where you come in. Can you tell your patients about Trekstock?

We know that you are really busy so we've put all the information you need on this page. We can also come to talk to your team, or just send you some printed materials for you to read in your own time. We also send out a HCP newsletter every two months to keep you up to date.

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Read on to find out about all our programmes and services for young adults in their 20s and 30s living with and beyond cancer. We run Meet Ups, 

Unite: find a community of others who get it

  • Support Pack: we send each young adult who joins our community a free support pack including a support booklet about Trekstock services, programmes and social groups, a copy of "Food & Cancer - What's the Deal?", a Cancer On Board badge, a free year's subscription to the Headspace app, and leaflets about other relevant services, all in a handy tote bag. Sign up here
  • Online Support: our online Facebook community of over 1000 young adults provides peer support 24 hours a day. We have subgroups for specific locations across the UK and for specific support needs: Cancer Lads for young men, Cancer Chicks for young women, BAMER Cancer Support for those in the BAMER Community, and Secondary Sisters - for those living with incurable Stage IV cancer. Check them out here.
  • Meet Ups: We hold free regular events in London, Manchester, Birmingham, Edinburgh, and Essex, run by local Champions for other young adults living with and beyond cancer in their area. We are always expanding and planning to hold our first event in Wales in 2020. See our list of events here.
Inform: what they want to know
  • Trekstock Talks: We produced videos on a variety of topics with experts and young adults with cancer talking about their experiences. We cover Sex and Relationships, Fertility, Living with an Incurable Diagnosis, Navigating Public Transport, Parenting with Cancer, Anxiety, Communicating with Loved Ones and your HCPs, Food and Nutrition. Watch them here.
  • Nutrition Resource: In 2019, we produced ‘Food & Cancer - What’s the Deal?’. This nutrition resource was written by Dr Hazel Wallace (The Food Medic) and a team of experts: an oncologist, two dietitians and three young adults with cancer. It includes honest evidence-based advice, and easy recipes. We have distributed over 8000 copies across the UK, some directly to young adults, as well as to Maggie’s Centres and hospitals. Request copies here.
Thrive: living well with and beyond cancer

  • Meet & Move Wellbeing Days: Our flagship events are free one-day Health & Wellbeing sessions bringing young adults together to meet each other and get active in Maggie’s Centres across the UK. The programme for the day includes guided exercise and yoga classes, a talk on nutrition including a delicious lunch, and other expert sessions such as coaching, supporting loved ones, work and cancer, and art therapy. Learn more here.
  • RENEW exercise programme: RENEW is an eight week course of small group exercise classes with a Level 4 Cancer Rehab trainer in London. Each session builds on the one before and can be adjusted for any level of fitness or other limitations. The class will include resistance training and cardio to build strength, stamina, and confidence. At the end of the 8 weeks, participants get a one-to-one session with their trainer to discuss how they can continue to incorporate exercise into their lifestyle in a way that works for them. They'll even get a discount on gym membership. Sign Up Here.
  • Online exercise videos: We have produced a series of yoga and exercise sessions designed by young adults with a Level 4 Cancer Rehab trainer. These enable young adults to get moving safely even when they don’t feel able to leave the house. Watch them here.