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The last year has been incredibly tough for young adults living with and beyond cancer. Many have had to navigate changes and delays in treatment, mandatory shielding and struggles with their mental health; all without their families and support networks around them. But Trekstock’s strong online community have been there for each other throughout it all.

Carolina is one of the young adults who’s lockdown has been a little less lonely with the support of the Trekstock Community. Carolina was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukaemia, a rare form of blood cancer, in July 2017 at the age of 30. 

‘My life was put on hold from that moment onwards until I finished treatment and found Trekstock’s Community, who helped me to feel normal again.’

Read Carolina’s story in her own words as she talks to you, the Trekstock community and supporters about her experience with Trekstock’s support services, hope in life after cancer and finally feeling a sense of belonging after finding others who just get it. 

"I was diagnosed in July 2017 with Acute Myeloid Leukaemia at the age of 30. All of this came to me as a massive surprise. 

Just 7 months before, I had turned 30 and at that point, I thought I was the healthiest I have ever been in my life and had no pains or aches and felt absolutely great, but if it wasn’t for that mere sore throat, that silent killer inside my blood could have easily finished with my life without me even realising, as I was completely asymptomatic. 

I had to undergo 4 rounds of inpatient high-dose intensive chemotherapy which lasted between 5 to 14 days each and a Bone Marrow Transplant from an unknown donor, to literally, save my life. 

After I finished my main chemotherapy treatment I had to get a lot of physiotherapy to help me recover all the strength that I lost during my treatment. Thankfully, during the physio sessions I met Joelle, an amazing yoga teacher within the Cancer Centre, who told me about Trekstock.

Since I got in touch with Trekstock and went to their first event I felt like a normal person again. They made me feel like I was no longer the weird odd one that got cancer while being on the prime of her life and I finally managed to meet other young adults like me with whom I could relate on our cancer experience. 

I have participated in literally every event that Trekstock offers... the Meet and Move’s, Yoga, Pilates, Dancing, Kayaking, Walking marathon, the Renew programme and the virtual Renew programme, the style nights, the ‘What I Wish I’d Known’ talks, the Christmas parties, the drinks and social gatherings etc... and one thing that I can say is that I always felt welcome and encouraged to come back. I always felt like I belonged to the community, and felt safe and in a protected environment. 

This community means everything to me as I now have a new perspective on life, and thanks to Trekstock, I can connect with others that get what I went through. I think it is essential for young adults like me to have a network of support with others in the same situation to get more understanding and confidence on overcoming the diagnosis. And in the same way, it allows me to help others that are starting their cancer journey and give them hope that there is light at the end of the tunnel.

If you could only take one thing away from my story it should be that Trekstock is a life saver and the best community that I have ever belonged to."


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