What cancer were you diagnosed with?


What age were you diagnosed?


What has helped you to thrive?

Without a doubt, what got me through the darkest days were my beautiful boys, my husband, my family and my close friends. Focusing on one day at a time and having something to look forward to kept me positive and focused.

When I found out about Trekstock, there was some comfort in seeing people like me with similar stories. It made me feel less alone and seeing positive stories really gave me a sense of hope.

Lucy's Story

I am a 30 year old mum of two boys, trying to maintain a 'normal' lifestyle but always have my diagnosis at the back of my head. I love to be social and go out with my friends and keep a brave face but sometimes it would be good to know I'm not the only one going through it. I have an amazing and supportive husband but sometimes other people just don't get what it's like to be me right now.

The 30th June 2019 is the date I’ll never forget. ‘Don’t worry’, ‘I’m sure it’s nothing’, ‘everyone has lumps and bumps’ are just a few of the things people said to me. The lovely doctor that broke the news did it in the best way she could. As anyone would expect, I cried. Even though I had my suspicions, you never think you’re going to hear those words. I tried to digest as much information as I could and then I came out feeling numb and sad but also full of hope knowing we had a plan in place. And that’s what I knew I needed to focus on. Telling my mum was the worst thing I’ve ever had to do. I was diagnosed with a Liposarcoma and started 5 weeks of radiotherapy. Thankfully it hasn't spread anywhere else.

I was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer called Myxoid Sarcoma after I found a lump in my right thigh. Not something I’d ever heard of or thought I’d be hearing about at the age of 30. I tried my best to not search the internet because anything that I did read left me feeling anxious and worried. 
My treatment was 5 weeks of radiotherapy, followed by surgery. Thankfully, I responded well to radiotherapy and the surgery went and I have been in remission since the end of last year. Even though I was unlucky enough to get this ‘rare’ cancer I still feel so lucky in so many ways. Never lose hope. I have just started to exercise again, returned to work and have so much to look forward to.