What cancer were you diagnosed with?

Stage 3, Grade 3 Bowel cancer

What age were you diagnosed?


What has helped you to thrive?

Two dreams are keeping me going. 1: I am determined to run another half marathon PB to raise money for and awareness of bowel cancer as soon as I am well enough post treatment. I want to show people that bowel cancer can affect anyone - regardless of age, size, shape and fitness level. Thinking about that gets me up and going when I am feeling well.

2: Having cancer has made me realise that you never know what is around the corner - I finally feel ready to start my own family and change my focus. Thinking about that makes it easier to keep going on the tough days.

Susannah's Story

On September 28th 2019, a 5.5cm tumour was found in my large intestine. Following a hemicolectomy I was officially diagnosed with Stage 3, Grade 3 Bowel cancer.

I was 36 and running 30 miles a week. I weighed 9 stone, didn’t smoke and always got in my 5-a-day (at least). Junk food was definitely not a common item on my menu.

I first went to the doctor with IBS-type symptoms when I was about 18. I went back again in 2017. My cancer wasn’t discovered for another 2 years.

So, I believe we need to talk about poo a lot more, so that people like me get a diagnosis much earlier. My life has been changed beyond my imaginings already and I’m only part-way through my treatment. And although it’s frustrating to know that this could have been intercepted much earlier, perhaps before even surgery was required let alone chemo, I am going to use this experience positively, to fight for change and make the most of every day – some of which I hope to share with you along the way in my blog Letstalkaboutpoo.com.