Mindfulness has been a buzzword for a while now. But with good reason. We live in a busy world and our brains are busy places. At any one time we can be thinking about work, planning what's for dinner, remembering the plot of the latest true crime drama, listening to the radio, contemplating putting a wash on and making a mental note to ring our Mum. We're constantly thinking about a million things at once - and that's before cancer's even part of the equation.

Bringing your attention to the present, or being more mindful, can help reduce stress and improve overall happiness. With its roots in Buddhism, mindfulness helps us shift our thoughts away from our usual preoccupations and towards an appreciation of the moment, giving us a larger perspective on life. For those who've had a cancer diagnosis, mindfulness techniques can create better outcomes by helping patients focus on the present moment and steering them away from the worry of the unknowns that cancer brings.

You tell us that stress, worry and anxiety are some of the biggest issues that face you after your diagnosis. That's why we're bringing you our brand new Mindfulness sessions. These sessions will help you focus on the ordinary moments, bring more compassion into your day to day and stop anxious thoughts from spiralling out of control.

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