We are delighted to announce that Dr.Hazel Wallace, founder of The Food Medic has joined Trekstock as an Ambassador. Hazel is a qualified medical doctor, best-selling author, content creator, and health influencer, who was part of our first Meet and Move event in April this year where she gave a talk and demonstration on 'Food to Fuel you'.

"It was really inspiring and moving to see so many young adults going through, or having gone through, cancer come together to learn about movement and food, and how that can help with their recovery. I learned a lot from speaking with everyone and I hope they took away a few helpful pointers from me also!" Dr Hazel Wallace, Trekstock Meet and Move Event April 2018

We are excited to be working with Hazel on some upcoming key nutrition and physical activity resources for young adults with cancer that will be available in our support packs and on our website. A huge thanks to Hazel, The Food Medic for supporting Trekstock. We're really looking forward to the year ahead. Watch this space for more info and click here to read more about Hazel.