After learning that their friend and colleague, Clare, had discovered that her cancer had returned, the team at Famous 4.15 decided to fundraise for Trekstock, by selling ice cream. Well, there's no better way of course...

Clare was first diagnosed with breast cancer a few days after her 25th birthday in 2019 and sought the support of Trekstock. Unfortunately, in 2023, she learned that the cancer had once again returned. This time, it was incurable stage 4 breast cancer, which had also spread to her lungs and liver.

Her friends and family all rallied around and decided a fundraiser to support her was in need. So her colleagues at Famous 4.15, a performing arts group in Newcastle Upon Tyne, decided to team up with the folks at The Jesmond Ice Cream Company and Doddington Dairy.

On show day in July 2023, The Jesmond Ice Cream Company joined in the fun and sold a trike full of wonderful, sweet treats, including a range of delicious ice creams from Doddington Dairy, with all proceeds going to Trekstock.

On why Trekstock was Clare's charity of choice, she said:

"One of their biggest missions is to bring normality to the lives of those who are going through/have gone through cancer. They arrange and facilitate incredible social events, and it is at these events that I have met others that 'just get it'. These people have become true friends and a constant support. Without Trekstock, navigating life as a young person would be very different. The work they do is incredibly important, and every penny raised for them truly does make such a huge difference."

It was a great team effort that managed to raise £506.52 from profits of ice cream sales and donations at the Famous show.

At the event, Katherine from the Famous 4.15 team said:

"Clare is a beautiful, inspiring, brave young female who is strong and determined, lives life with a smile and makes the most of every single day. She is heartened that science and advancements in treatments are progressing fast and all awareness and fundraising help the cause. We are delighted to be able to play a tiny but positive part in that process."

Thank you for helping us, help a great cause.”

We are thrilled that Clare and her friends and family have chosen to support Trekstock. We're a small charity, and so fundraising events like this really make a big difference to our work. We'd like to extend our thanks and gratitude to Clare, Katherine and the whole team at Famous 4.15 and the teams at The Jesmond Ice Cream Company and Doddington Dairy.

If you'd like to stage your own fundraising event for Trekstock - amazing! Get in touch with us here.