Having just finished working at the Rio Olympic Games in 2016 and living next to Copacabana beach in Brazil, with plans to travel North and South America, Af was living the dream. As an international sports event manager, Af’s job and love for a challenge has seen him jet around the world.  

The day before he was due to fly to Argentina from Rio, Af went to the hospital to get antibiotics for what he thought was an infection. His life, and plans, were turned upside down when the medical teams in Brazil said it was a tumour. Rather than fly to Argentina, Af flew back to England instead.

At 29, a time which should be filled with hope and possibilities, Af’s future was suddenly unknown. He had been diagnosed with stage 2 testicular cancer  

After 4 years, and sharing his story on social media in that time, Af started to write a self-help memoir for other young people and their families going through cancer treatment.  

And, amazingly, in October this year, his own book Tumorous Hesticles: Just say Cancer was published on Amazon. Af shines a light on the realities of cancer, with wit and realism. It’s a story of strength, humour and optimism. A must-read for young people and families going through something similar.  

Through the sale of his book, Af will kindly be donating some of the proceeds to Trekstock. His generosity, and the funds raised, will enable us to help more people like him.  

We’re over the moon to welcome Af as a part of Team Trekstock, as one of our amazing Young Adult Ambassadors. We’ve got exciting plans in the pipeline where, together with Af, we hope to continue creating a space where men can explore their thoughts and feelings around their diagnosis. Watch this space for some events coming very soon.  

"Af's passion for staying active and helping others is truly inspiring, which is why we're thrilled to have him join our team of Young Adult Ambassadors. At Trekstock, our big goal over the next three years is to provide greater support to young men like Af who have been diagnosed with cancer. Together, we'll encourage more people to get involved in physical activity, and connect via meaningful conversations about the issues that matter to them. With Af's support, we're confident that together we'll be able to reach more individuals and provide them with the help they need." Team Trekstock 

On joining Team Trekstock as a Young Adult Ambassador, Af said: 

"I’m delighted to have been asked to be a male ambassador for Trekstock, a leading UK cancer charity, for people in their 20s and 30s. I can’t wait to see what comes of it and I’m looking forward to joining the team, sharing my story and supporting people at meet ups and other events."

Our Young Adult Ambassadors are an integral part of Trekstock. They lend their voices to help us raise awareness and are passionate about helping us change the future for those affected by cancer in their 20s or 30s. 

To learn more about Af’s story or to find out more about his book, click here.