What cancer were you diagnosed with?

breast cancer

What helped you to thrive?

I've had support from charities including Trekstock, Mummy's Star and Breast Cancer Care. I also used the private Facebook group Younger Breast Cancer Network a great deal. It's all about finding other people in the same position, I've found. 

Laura's Story

I had a two-year-old and was five months pregnant with my second child when I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I had a lumpectomy while still pregnant, and then I found out that I have the BRCA2 gene mutation, which puts me at very high risk of breast and ovarian cancer. Five weeks before my daughter was due, I was induced and she was born. I started chemo when she was a week old and finished four months later. I then had my ovaries removed and had a double mastectomy, as preventative surgery. 

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