Receiving a cancer diagnosis is hard enough in your 20s or 30s. When you're from the LGBTQ+ community there can be a number of issues you may face. So here's some information and advice that can help you

Whether it's fear of judgement, lack of understanding from the health services, or a lack of representation in the national conversation, LGBTQ+ cancer patients can come across a number of issues when being diagnosed with cancer. 

That's why we hosted a Lifting The Lid event on Cancer in the LGBTQ+ Communitywhere we covered the fear of judgement from health services, the lack of representation in the national conversation and the reality of the LGBTQ+ experience in the cancer world - you can catch all of that on our Youtube page.

Founder & Director of Live Through This, Stewart O'Callaghan (they/them), wrote an amazing blog post for us called Shining A Light On LGBTQ+ Sex And Cancer which you can read here.

And we have lots of charity friends to check out who can provide you with even more advice:

Jo's Cervical Cancer Trust

A leading cervical cancer charity, their mission is to see cervical cancer prevented and reduce the impact for everyone affected by cervical cell changes (abnormal cells) and cervical cancer through providing the highest quality information and support - from smear tests to screening for trans men and/or non-binary people, they've got you covered.

Live Through This

Live Through This is a cancer support and advocacy service for the LGBTIQ+ community. The queer community has gone largely underrepresented when it comes to chancer, but they want to change this. Live Through This provide a safe space for anybody who identifies as part of the queer spectrum and has had an experience with any kind of cancer at any stage from testing, diagnosis, treatment, remission to long term care.

Queering Cancer

Their mission is to transform cancer care for the LGBTQ2+ community by improving research, resources, and support for patients, families, caregivers, and healthcare professionals. Queering cancer collate and share resources and information, source and provide education for healthcare professionals to support affirming care and curate stories and first person accounts from LGBTQ2+ patients and carers.

Rainbow Mind

Rainbow Mind is a collaborative project led by Mind in Salford and Mind in the City, Hackney and WalthamForest, aiming to tackle mental health issues specifically for individuals within the LGBTQI+ community across both Greater Manchester and London. The project is mainly led, staffed and directed by LGBTQI+ people, and hopes to address the growing need for support in key areas of the UK.

MindLine Trans+

MindLine Trans+ is a confidential emotional, mental health support helpline and signposting service for people who identify as Trans, A Gender, Gender Fluid, Non-binary. 

Albert Kennedy Trust

AKT is a voluntary organisation based in England supporting lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender young people who are homeless or living in a hostile environment. They support young people into safe homes and employment, education or training in a welcoming and open environment that celebrates LGBTQ+ identities.


Stonewall is a leading charity for lesbian, gay, bi and trans equality, working to create a world where every single person can be accepted without exception. Stonewall works in partnership with a growing network of more than 800 organisations to help create real change for the better, campaigning to eliminate homophobia, biphobia and transphobia in communities, and empowering LGBT people and their allies to be role models wherever they live, work, shop, socialise or pray.