Are you ready to meet another incredible human taking on our 34 Day Challenge?

We just know you are!

Introducing Kat Anthony. A force to be reckoned with, Kat has taken on the challenge to walk 3.4 miles every day for 34 days. Not only has Kat set herself this physical challenge, but she is further determined to raise £34 a day and over £1,000 in total. While Kat's goal is to walk every day, she has not been walking alone; each day, she is joined by someone who supported her through her cervical cancer diagnosis in 2018.  

We were privileged to be the first to walk and talk with Kat (over zoom, of course) to kick start her challenge. Kat's vibrant personality and openness to discuss all, on a rather chilly 7am walk, was delightful and we're incredibly proud to have Kat join Team Trekstock this year.

Read what she had to say below.

How do you feel about starting the 34 day challenge today?

It seemed like a good idea, and then, 6am this morning I was like ahhhh. Haha no but it is awesome. It's definitely going to keep me moving. Since my diagnosis and treatment, I've definitely changed my perspective and realised I need to look after my body more than I was. Doing something like this is going to help me get out each day. 

Why have you chosen to get involved in the 34 day challenge?

On the 28th of November 2018, I was one of the 34 young adults who get diagnosed every day in the UK with cancer. Following successful treatment, I'm happy to be recovering and learning so many lessons from that journey. 

The 34 day challenge starts today on the 12th of April, which is when I see my oncologist for my annual scan results and ends on the 15th of May, which is my 40th birthday, so it seemed incredibly fitting for me to challenge myself this year and raise funds for a cause that's so close to my heart. 

Also, the Challenge is such an inclusive event. It can be anything, just move in any way for 34 days. If you made it running or walking specific, that can automatically exclude some people, especially when the community has got underlying health conditions already - you don't know what people are able to do.

How has Trekstock helped you since your diagnosis? 

In 2018 I was diagnosed with Cervical cancer; following radiotherapy & chemotherapy treatment, I was given the all-clear in June 2019. It seems crazy that almost 2 years have already passed, but Trekstock was one of the places that supported my recovery and helped me in my journey to dealing with my early menopause. Before Covid I was able to join a Trekstock event where Dr Louise Newson was speaking. Her team have been a huge support in me finding the right path to support early menopause caused by my cancer treatment.

How can people support you on this Challenge?

I hope people will come along for the journey with me and thank you so much in advance for any support you can give! Share or like my posts over on @ladykatuk and listen in. I hope that some of the conversations we have might help someone else get through their journey too.

You can catch all of Kat's conversations and walks over on Instagram or Facebook and of course, if you'd like to donate to our 34 Day Challenge, you can here. 


Kat Anthony (she/her)