RENEW – tailored exercise programme evaluation

Trekstock and CLIC Sargent joined forces to pilot RENEW, a 12 week tailored exercise programme to help young people move again after a cancer diagnosis and reap the benefits of being physically active. We are proud to present the evaluation of this joint venture. We are committed to helping young lives thrive and not just survive cancer.

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Katie, Tom and Sam - RENEW participants 

Evaluation findings 

“RENEW has gone above and beyond and exceeded my expectations” the view of a young adult who has gained strength, fitness and confidence from a one year pilot which provided tailored exercise programmes by Level 4 Cancer Rehabilitation Trained instructors.

Evidence about the benefits of being physically active during and after treatment for cancer is stronger than ever before. This evaluation adds to this evidence base for the UK – an innovative pilot for one year which tested an individualised exercise programme and how two charities work together. 

RENEW highlights 

  • Positively impacted on a range of other significant factors for participants in addition to their levels of physical activity – specifically on their emotional wellbeing, their individual relationships with their bodies, their sense of control within their lives and their abilities to relax
  • Supported participants to safely and confidently access physical activity
  • Supported participants to take control of their approach to physical activity
  • Empowered individuals to set personal goals and targets
  • Developed individual and bespoke programmes
  • Highlighted that physical activity interventions need to be considered as part of a holistic approach, with the physical, social and emotional impact cancer can have on the lives of young people with cancer.

Download the RENEW evaluation report

Background to RENEW 

There’s a growing body of evidence to show that being active both during and after cancer can have many benefits. Being active can help control weight gain ­– a key factor in survival, as well as improve quality of life and mental health.  An active lifestyle has also been shown to help with body image, self-esteem, emotional wellbeing, sex, sleep and fatigue. Furthermore, research shows that for some cancers, physical activity can slow disease progression, improve survival and reduce the risk of disease recurrence.

Given the many benefits of being active, it’s worrying that the large majority of people living with cancer do not achieve the recommended guidelines for physical activity. Only 23% of people living with and beyond cancer are active to the national recommendations and 31% are completely inactive. Physical activity is found to decline during and after cancer treatment and often never returns to pre-diagnosis levels. This may be due to barriers such as inaccessibility, fear and a lack of knowledge or know how. 

RENEW aims to combat these barriers by using Cancer Rehabilitation qualified personal trainers to show young people how to exercise safely and correctly in the comfort of their own home or in the gym. 

RENEW is an innovative exercise programme for young people living with cancer and its effects. The programme aims to empower people to become more active by equipping them with the confidence and skills to make positive, long lasting changes to help establish a more active lifestyle after experiencing cancer. 

It is a 1-2-1 gym based 12-week programme that gives them the chance to work with a Level 4 Cancer Rehabilitation qualified instructor to develop a tailored exercise plan. It includes 1-2-1 sessions at the gym and weekly check-ins to help set and meet their specific goals.

About Trekstock 

34 young adults in their 20s and 30s are diagnosed with cancer every day in the UK. Trekstock delivers practical and social support programmes tailored to their needs, to give them a better chance of living well through and beyond cancer. Through exercise support, practical advice and an active online and offline community, our programmes tackle social isolation, improve quality of life and provide young adults with the tools they need to get moving again after cancer puts their life on hold. For more information, visit:   

About CLIC Sargent 

CLIC Sargent helps families limit the damage it causes beyond their health. Cancer doesn’t discriminate. Today, 11 more children and young people will hear the devastating news they have cancer. From diagnosis, CLIC Sargent’s specialist care teams will step in, ready to help, support and guide. We fight tirelessly for children and young people with cancer, often when they feel they can’t. We do this individually, locally and nationally, so that they can focus on the important things, like getting well.

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