As part of our fundraiser of the month series, we’d like to celebrate the absolutely fantastic Lucian who raised over £700 with his classmates for us.  

As part of a persuasive writing task, Lucian and his classmates were asked to write about a charity close to their hearts. Trekstock were lucky enough to be chosen by Lucian! He presented his work to not only his classmates but to parents and members of the Raleigh School staff. Lucian spoke about how vital Trekstock was to him, as we had supported his mum, Amy, during her pancreatic cancer diagnosis and treatment, when he was only 10 months old.

Even though Lucian felt that he wasn’t the biggest fan of public speaking, the class were so taken with Lucian’s speech that they picked Trekstock as their charity of the year. As well as having a class Apprentice fundraising event which they raised such a brilliant amount for us.  

The team at Trekstock HQ had the privilege of getting to meet Lucian this week, when he and his mum came to visit us. We even got to get the top tips from the amazing fundraiser himself. 

Here's what Lucian had to say to Hannah, our Digital Content Officer...

H: ‘What made you want to fundraise for Trekstock?’  

L: When I was 10 months old, my mum was diagnosed with cancer. And the school asked me to write a speech about it. And I chose to write about Trekstock.  

H: ‘What was your favourite part in fundraising for Trekstock? ‘ 

L: Well it was really nice to find out how many votes I got from the school it was outrageous. 

H: ‘Was there anything tricky about fundraising?’ 

L: I’m not very good at standing up and public speaking and it was quite scary because I had to say it in front of the parents and students.  

H: ‘What advice would you give to someone who wanted to start fundraising?’ 

L: Honestly it’s never too late and all I’d say is choose a charity close to your heart because you’ll be really passionate about it.  

A huge thank you to Lucian, Amy, and the Raleigh School.