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Lung Cancer

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Saima's Story

Doctor…. Is age on my side?

‘No you are a statistic now.’

Bit harsh but those words are so true, cancer is ageless, faceless, it doesnt care who you are, I bloody have it, aged 29.

Most importantly cancer is raceless, this is a taboo/unspoken subject like most illnesses or ailments in the south asian community. The older generation views at times are one of judgement, pity, religion lead, some believe that illness is simply ‘gods will’, written on the walls.

So I had quite a bit to contend with on top of being diagnosed with Stage 4 non Small Cell Lung Cancer Adenocarcinoma and running independent businesses. I had to try and explain to my dear mum, my relatives in the uk and pakistan that i have an incurable disease.

My current treatment is a pill a day called Afatinib otherwise known as a ‘chemo pill’ because a pill a day sounds cute and taking this shit is not cute I tell you now. The side effects include skin rash which look similar to acne, my relations in Pakistan believed I had chicken pox, I almost admired their blissful ignorance, living for the day and concluding I was a little bit ill.

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