The other week Ethan, a Trekstock beneficiary, celebrated reaching his milestone of being 2 years in remission after being diagnosed with testicular cancer. These milestones are usually a time when our young adults reflect back on how far they have come since they were first diagnosed with cancer and underwent treatment. It can be a conflicting time as most of our young adults find that their lives have been turned upside down as a result of having cancer. It has changed their bodies in a number of ways, they are still emotionally processing everything they have been through and negotiating their way through social situations.

"As I look back, on the last two years. I am only now beginning to understand how that has changed for me mentally. I am slowly being able to understand, how it has changed me physically. But the most difficult thing of all, is that I realise the choice you had spent most of your teens waiting for, your twenties straight out of uni has gone. I am, and have been for the last two months only now beginning grieve for the life I wanted and planned for. I am probably not quite done yet." Ethan McLaughlin

Trekstock recognises the difficult path that all young adults face after having cancer. Our online community plays a part in providing support to them on and off line, along with our meet ups and exercise programmes that work to tackle social isolation, improve quality of life and provide young adults with the tools they need to get moving again after cancer puts their life on hold. To read more of Ethan's story click here.